John Gonzalez: owner, operator, artist & craftsman behind Dervish Knives.

John’s passion for knives and swords began in adolescence, but it wasn’t until the late 1990’s when his interest in custom, hand-made knives began to grow. He was initially drawn to tactical pieces by makers like Ted Frizzell and Mick Strider, but his approach to knife making was largely inspired via the myriad of elegant and lethal designs from diverse cultures and eras. His background is in graphic arts and illustration, so designing knives has always been the easiest part of knife making for him. John aspires to create aesthetically pleasing knives which excel in both form and function. He draws heavily on time-tested designs and geometries, but applies his own artistic eye to make creations both unique and highly usable. He currently lives in a small town in Southern Colorado, with his wife and son.

Ordering Info:

Please email me at or

Telephone: 719.676.2485 to discuss your needs.

All knives and swords carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee, whereby they may be returned for a full refund within 7 days of receiving the order. All items are guaranteed for life, for workmanship and materials. This guarantee is provided that the tool has been used in a reasonable manner (not abused in any way not expected for a knife or sword).

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