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These are the last of the special midtech Sheba run, in CPM-20CV steel with sculpted carbon fiber scales. There are two finish & sheath options, both very nice in their own ways. Handles are shaped to fit your hand and provide secure – yet nimble – handling characteristics. Once these few are gone, they’re gone forever. I probably won’t be doing any more midtech runs of this model. Shipping to the US and Canada only.

Sold Out



Dervish Knives Ti Eyes

Dervish Knives Ti Eyes™ by Mummert Knives. These titanium, Velcro backed patches are 1” square and fit nicely on your TAD clothing –or any of your patch compatible gear. Limited run, low stock.

$25 shipped



Ranger Eye Patches

The latest limited run “Dervish Eye” patches in Stormtrooper (Black & White) and Sith Lord (Black & Red). 1” square with Velcro™ hook backing. $5 shipped anywhere.  

White and Black


Black and Red