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How do I place an order?

Currently, I am not taking orders for custom knives until I can catch up with a long backlog. To be notified when the order books open, please sign up for my newsletter. MidTech knives are produced in batches and are made available on a first come, first served basis. The newsletter is the best way to be notified when MidTechs are available, but I will also post on the Dervish Facebook page, as well as on my forum on the USN.

On your site you list your prices “starting at",  what does the base price include?

Typically the base price is for G10 scales, “basic” steels with a bead blast or stone wash finish. Some materials may cost more, as do some finishes. Some “embellishments” such as thumb jimping, are standard; others will incur a charge.

I am on your waiting list—how will I know when my place in line is up?

Typically, I will contact you 2 weeks before I am ready to start, which allows enough time to discuss the details of your build and for me to order any materials, if needed. Please make sure that I have your current contact info—if your email address has changed since you got in the books, let me know!

When you get to my spot can I order more than one knife?

At this time, I have to limit the orders to one knife per customer.

When you get to my spot can I order a new design (one-off)?

I am very open to building a one-off fixed blade for you; in fact, all of my NeoTribal knives are essentially one-offs. I love building new things, so when it’s your time let me know what you’re thinking. I generally will not work from your designs though unless you are open to me modifying it at my own discretion. Since folding knives are much more complicated to design, I cannot build you a new-design folder. I can, and will, consider certain embellishments to my existing designs, but please don’t ask for major changes from standard models. I tend to work with certain materials, for both steels and handle & bolsters, and don’t like to experiment with new ones for orders. Typically, I like to do this sort of experimentation for the odd one-off for shows or forum lotteries.

Do any dealers carry your knives?

Generally, no. Occasionally I will do a run for Triple Aught Design, but it is fairly infrequent. If this changes I will make an announcement via my newsletter and my forum on the USN.

Do you do any knife shows?

Not many. In fact I’ve only done 2 in my 10+ year career. My reasoning has been that if I have a long backlog, it’s hard to justify the time spent making knives for a show and the time lost otherwise filling orders. My feelings on this have been changing and I think that having a presence at a show can be a good thing. It’s a way to show my support for the custom knife community in general and so I am now planning to attend at least one major show each year.

How long have you been making knives?

If you don’t count the knife-like and sword-like objects I made as a kid, I began doing it as a hobby around 2001. By 2003 I was making and selling part time, although most of those knives and swords were collaborations with Ted Frizzell of Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works. By 2006 I was a full time custom knife maker.

I have an old Dervish that has a MMHW stamp on one side… I’m confused.

Your knife is from the now defunct “collaboration line” of Dervish Knives. Ted Frizzell of Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works ground and heat treated that blade. The knife was designed by me and I did the finishing work and sheath.

Do you offer “spa treatment” for your knives?

If you own a Dervish that has seen better days, I will clean it up for you and re-sharpen if necessary. If there is a functional problem that falls within my guarantee, I will fix it for free. Cosmetic issues will incur a charge for labor and shipping, unless the material has failed in some way. Please send me an email to discuss.

How long does it take you to make a knife?

There are so many variables that go into the processes in making any given knife, that it’s impossible to give a ball park figure. For instance, folders tend to take longer than fixed blades, but a complex (and/or a very large) fixed can take longer than a basic folder. Some materials take longer to work & machine, and certain processes that I do on some models (but not on others) can be very time consuming. The prices you see on my site tend to generally reflect the labor involved in each particular model.